Learning to Love Me

Confessions of a "Fresa" Mexican American Cisgender gay male.

Learning to Love Me

What have you done to me? 
Feeling this way has me loving myself. 
Being the one you want, fills me with joy and strength. 
Lost in the Pacific of your eyes leaves me floating in space. 

The hole of your heart is like an eternal slide.
Splashing into the mouth of your heart.
Tasting the blood of the one I love.
Our pact has given me the strength to continue. 

Made me believe in more than myself.
That together the limit does not exist for love and happiness.
Without self love, there is no relationship.
Without a relationship, there is no happiness or hope.  

Hope for the future.
That the past is just a stepping stone to something great.
The best story no one has ever heard.
Our story will break barriers and enlighten a myriad of closed minds.

Truth is, the best medicine is conversation.
Communication leads to understanding.
Understanding leads to acceptance.
I am grateful for your acceptance and appreciate our time together.

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