How Driving from Colorado to Bay Area Reinspired Me

And how wearing the right clothes on a long trip makes a difference

How Driving from Colorado to Bay Area Reinspired Me

Often, when people think of the mountains, they think of snow - the coldness in the air and snowboarding or skiing down the mountain. Colorado is surrounded by beautiful mountains. You wouldn't think there would be a beach! 

After seeing the sand and water in Colorado, it reassured me that I will continue to see the beach but in a different setting (without the Rocky Mountains), and the feeling of inspiration will stay with me as I relocate to California.

On my road trip back to the Bay Area from Colorado, I made a pit stop near the small town of Silverthorne and captured some of these scenic photos. 

As I stood on the snowy sand looking over the cold lake, I reflected  and appreciated the beauty of nature, and pondered how it can affect our mindset and mood. 

I was inspired by the white snow laying on the soft sand, the calm waves in the water, the mountain backdrop in the distance and the white puffy clouds hovering above the blue sky. 

Looking into the distance, I considered what is the next chapter of my life, and concluded that the mountains are a remote escape from reality and a place to be alone and soak up the sun rays. I'm going to miss this place. 

Casual Chic for Traveling  

As snow fell to the ground,  I captured some of the last moments I will see snow again for some time. My outfit was inspired by the casual lifestyle pace in Colorado and this white blanket of snow. I wanted to bring that inspiration back with me as I returned to the Bay Area in California. 

The white cotton t-shirt from Yesstyle gives the outfit a pop of color because it is so bright that it's the first thing the human eye will notice. Every color looks brighter and shinier combined with white. This Yesstyle white t-shirt is a must-have basic piece in any wardrobe as it can be dressed up or dressed down. 

The over-sized Yesstyle gray cardigan I wore over the white t-shirt created a perfect combination and was key to making the outfit casual and comfortable.  Gray is a neutral color that lends itself to a casual, chic, and comfortable look.

The black leggings from Ross can be paired with any boot style you want, depending on the weather and how warm you want your toes to be. They are an absolute bargain at $10 for two pairs and a must have in any wardrobe! 

Wardrobe Essentials for Traveling

1. Black leggings (2 pairs for $10 at Ross)

2. White casual t-shirt ($7 at Yesstyle)

3. Oversized gray cardigan ($15 at Yesstyle)

The Last Day

A pull in my gut, a weight on my chest. This familiar, yet new feeling came over me.  You may have felt it before - I had, but never to this extent. 

There you have it; the goodbye to home sign...

And just like that, I made it back to California. Bay Area, here I come! 

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