'Tis But A Bite!

The Sharks' season ends with a Game 6 loss to Vegas

'Tis But A Bite!

The Sharks applied a TREMENDOUS amount of pressure in the first two periods at the SAP Center, hitting two cross bars and drifting the puck so close to the net, the crowd went nuts! 

In just the first 20 minutes, the Shark's had 31 attempted shots against the Las Vegas Knights! 

The vibrancy of teal bouncing off the playoff braclets (provided by Alaska Airlines) dazzled the arena and the numerous chants projected by the fans, only added to the excitement

The pressure our Sharks were applying to the Knights was enough to give themselves a chance to extend their second round playoff series with the Golden Knights. But unfortunately, our beloved San Jose Sharks were eliminated from the playoffs with a 3-0 loss to the expansion Golden Knights on Sunday. 

Perhaps the most frustrating goal scored against us, was when Las Vegas Knight, Nate Schmidt, shot from just inside the blue line causing the puck to go inside of the post and right back out! 

The play continued BUT it was halted seconds later and the video review determine the puck had crossed and counted it as a goal. 

The crowd was FURIOUS!

Chants "F#@k you ref" and"Ref you suck" circled around the Arena like wildfire.

So it goes without saying that our San Jose Sharks' played one hell of a game and next season, I know we'll come back hungrier than ever. So be prepared to see some blood in the water. 


*Note: The Las Vegas Knights will continue their season against either the Winnipeg Jets or the Nashville Predators in the Western Conference Final. 


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